Guidelines for Making Suggestions to Stookie

This is a blog whereby you, my readers, can suggest ways that I, Stookie, can become a better, more interesting woman and human being.  It will be a constant, interactive, work in progress. Having said that, suggestions like “you should learn to accept yourself the way you are” are unacceptable. However, suggestions like: “you should learn to operate an outboard motor”, or “you should become an expert of French film noir”,  or “you should learn how to converse effectively with the opposite sex“, or “you should bake bread regularly“, or “you should learn how to properly punctuate lists when you are writing”, or “you should stop biting your fingernails” – these are all perfectly acceptable suggestions.

Make no mistake, I am no circus monkey, and I may not take up every suggestion provided.  Without your input though, I can’t even begin….so, please, send me your suggestions (as many as you like). You can reply below or through the Comments and Suggestions  page, on the side bar.

If you know of any other interesting people I should write about for the Other Interesting People page, please send me those suggestions too.


2 thoughts on “Guidelines for Making Suggestions to Stookie

  1. well done for making fire, stookie! and, while you are indeed no performing monkey, i think there is a bit of the mr. bojangles about you…..

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