Readers’ Suggestions

(In no particular order)

~ DIY and How To Skills:

  • How to re-upholster some furniture (suggested by two readers!)
  • How to make fire without matches
  • How to make beer/wine
  • Basic Carpentry Skills
  • How to sail a boat
  • How to operate an outboard motor
  • Learn to speak a second language well
  • How to build and fly a kite
  • Take a CPR course


  • Go to New York City and visit art galleries
  • Commit an Act of Guerilla Gardening
  • Research your family history and create a family tree


  • Do 30 days straight of Yoga
  • Educate yourself about world religions
  • Take a Gestalt Workshop


  • Learn to make pasta from scratch
  • Learn to make your own Curry Paste
  • Learn how to pair the right cheese with the right wine


  • How to make champion cocktails a la Mad Men
  • How to throw the best party
  • Place a personal Ad in the style of a 19th centurry personal ad and see what happens!


  • Research about other interesting people
  • Research a topic of interest not just on the net or at a library, but at an archive


  • Improve grammar
  • Get published


  • Take a 50-year-old friend to New York City to see the Cindy Sherman exhibit (already mentioned)
  • Learn Basic Carpentry Skills (my mother’s suggestion.  Apparently they need some work done around the house)


  • Make friends with the feline (sorry, it just can’t be done)

2 thoughts on “Readers’ Suggestions

  1. Wearing a silk dress to forage – fabulous.
    Drinking wine and wielding an axe – dangerous.
    Be careful, Stookie.
    I am both honoured and excited to be the author of your first challenge. Good luck!

    • I picked up some wood at the dollar store today, a slight cheat….but I thought it might be safer than trying to use an axe. Although, learning to use an axe should maybe make the list of things I should do???

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