A Slow Burn

Not for the first time in my life, it seems I have found myself in a weird place, of my own making. Saturday was a beautiful summer day, and yet I spent it in the library perusing Boy Scout manuals from the 1950s. Boy Scouts of the 1950s, as it turns out, really knew what they were doing. They had to pass multiple tests as they progressed through the Scouting ranks including things like: how to skin and cook a rabbit, how to spin a lariat, and how to send a message via Morse Code. Needless to say they were also experts on how to make fire without matches which is what had drawn me to the library in the first place.

On Sunday, another very hot day, clad in a lovely silk sun dress and with an iced latte in hand, I noted that several people’s gaze fell on me a little longer than I am accustomed to or comfortable with, as I foraged in the woods of High Park, for appropriate fire making supplies.  I like to think they were thinking – “What is that woman doing?  It must be something VERY interesting!” But, this might not have been what they thought.

It was without a doubt, an odd way for a gal to spend a weekend, and likely very pointless. Since embarking on this new blog with a focus on becoming more interesting, I have begun to worry that possibly, quite to the contrary, I am coming across as a much more pathetic individual than I had intended, or indeed think I am. Sadly, I fear this may have already resulted in a serious loss to the Stookie readership, not to mention the demise of few treasured friendships.  Still I soldier on.

Though inane on so, so many levels, this weekend will hopefully prove to be invaluable reasearch and preparation, as I progress toward my goal of making fire without matches.  I now have 4 more days to do this.  I have made very little progress. But, today I was buoyed when a friend called to ask me how I was getting on with the fire making.  She offered to help.  She has an axe, and you know, that might be very useful.  So, I think some preliminary trials may take place at her place Friday night. Likely over a glass or two of wine.  It’s all very exciting.